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Malkia Mtoto Print by Cat Lee

The ‘Queen’s Castle’ now stands tall – ready to provide refuge and a future to 19 very vulnerable young girls, however we need so much more than walls and a roof. The time has come to call on you for a little more help, because we need to furnish the ‘Queen’s Castle’ before the girls can move in.

We’ve crunched the numbers, and what we need is $35,000 so that we can provide items like beds, bedding, mosquito nets, a fridge, cutlery, plates, towels and so much more so that these young Queens may be afforded the dignity that simple creature comforts like these provide. By taking care of these needs for them – the needs that most of us don’t even have to think twice about in our own lives - we can allow them to focus on themselves, and begin healing from the unimaginable trauma that has been burdened upon them.

Need further motivation?

We are eternally grateful for the awareness that you bring to our cause with every share, every click, and every cent you are kind enough to bid for us.

So we don’t want to ask you to donate for nothing. We know the feeling of helping these kids is immeasurable in dollars, we really do, but we’d love to give something back too.

This gorgeous painting created by artist Cat Lee was originally created for our recent Event in Byron. It was auctioned off to a lucky winner.  We have permission from both artist Cat Lee and the lucky winner to reproduce this print named ‘Malkia Mtoto’ (small queen) to raise funds for our home.

So, here’s what we’re thinking, you can donate towards furnishing the ‘Queen’s Castle’ and receive this print in return!

Donate $25 – you’ll get an A5 sized print of ‘Malkia Mtoto’

Donate $50 – you’ll get an A4 sized print of ‘Malkia Mtoto’

Donate $75 – you’ll get an A3 sized print of ‘Malkia Mtoto’

We will also send you a card to explain where the money has gone in case you are gifting this to someone!

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