Bush Baby Unicorn

Bush Baby Unicorn

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These naturals or bright little critters and decoration style have been hand made using African grown organic cotton and carefully created by the Kenana Knitters. The natural yarn is dyed with non-toxic dyes. Most small cotton critters come with a colourful scarf and their own little card telling the Kenana Knitter story and giving the name of the knitter. Each decoration style has a little red ribbon.

Bush Babies (elephant, giraffe, lion, rhino, zebra)

These items are made in the same town as our home and we love the ethos behind this incredible business. Read more about them here.

Kenana Knitters is located in Njoro in Nakuru County of Kenya.

The sale of Kenana Knitters items helps women knit a brighter future through additional skills development offerings including IT courses and literacy classes. Kenana Knitters also invests in the overall welfare of the women by providing VCT, Family Planning and Health Clinics.

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You are supporting the work we are doing in Kenya.  100% of profits from all items in this store back to our healing farm...

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