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Furaha Soy Candle

Furaha {Happiness} soy candles by all things bright and beautiful are made with natural non GM vegetable soy bean wax using cotton core wicks. The many other benefits of soy wax include - Soy is a renewable environmentally friendly wax - It burns 50% longer than paraffin - Soy wax has a lower melt temperature than paraffin making it safer to use around children. - It is Biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides. - Contains no genetically modified material - Our soy wax is manufactured according to sustainability and renewable resource practices. - Spilt wax can be cleaned with soap and water They use the highest quality fragrance oil created specifically for wax candles.

All profits back to Rafiki Mwema

Coconut & Lime A sweet & classic scent of summer. The tropical coconut combined with refreshing lime and notes of verbena and vanilla will take you a on journey to warm sun filled days at the beach. Extra Large Tumblers Burn Time - Approx 48 hours. Don't forget that once the wax has burned down any remaining wax can be washed out with hot soapy water and the jar can be re-used in the bathroom (think cotton ball holder) in the kitchen (store spices, nuts and seeds very nicely) in the office (for paperclips, bulldog clips etc).  

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